Experience and retain the real Ethiopia!

The highland terrain has helped shelter this part of Ethiopia from foreign influence, and as a result it is now one of the best-preserved and most culturally distinct regions left on the planet. The fact that one can experience it directly while benefiting the local communities is genuinely exciting.

I may have inadvertently unearthed the perfect holiday: affordable, unforgettable and in one of the most awesome, exotic and unexplored parts of the world. This is a trip that will enrich your life and that you will likely look back on from your deathbed with a smile.” ~Manch├ín Magan ~The Irish Times

I was struck also by other things: the centuries-old Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, with a beautiful church in each village, the coffee ceremony associated with the homeland of coffee, the wonderful cuisine, the tenacious skill and hard work needed to reap a rich harvest of Teff, wheat, and barley out of a rocky land, the hospitality of the villagers who invited us to share their homemade beer after church services, and – above all – the dignity of local people proud of their History and culture, who don’t consider themselves “the poor.” Adventure travelers and trekkers everywhere – you can’t miss this. You don’t have to be in great shape either- I wasn’t but I was fine. ~William Easterly chief economist at Newyork university
Supreme in Africa’s only nation to have repelled colonial attacks Sitting with my legs swinging over the rocky ledge, from every direction, my eyes feast on the awesome sight of rugged basalt mountain peaks punctuated with a tapestry of meticulously cared-for blocks of farming land and neat villages of mud huts. In the crisp air the sounds of children laughing waft through the valley.
~Rowena McNaughton Australian journalist