A few words about us

Tesfa ctge( Tesfa community tourism guiding enterprise ) was setup by the charity organization Tesfa in 2006 in Lalibela town. with the aim of cultivating community tourism enterprises in north wollo , mekete ,lasta and gidan woredas (districts) ,

Tesfa ctge works to assist the local communities to benefit from tourism, and to enable them obtain income in addition to subsistent farming to support their livelihoods, as well as preserve their cultural and physical environment in the highlands of Ethiopia.

Tesfa ctge is now a registered micro enterprise which stems from the local communities and works entirely for the benefit of the local communities. Presently, Tesfa ctge serves Eleven community-based tourism enterprises in North Wollo, Mekete , Lasta and gidan districts. In the future more sites will be brought to light in the area. The community-based tourism enterprises have enjoyed dramatic increases in the number of guests they have hosted in the years since Tesfa cteg has started operating.

Tesfa ctge also aims at making the most out of community tourism to enable ourselves, the young men and women in and around Lalibela to rise above the challenges and win our ways.

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Why Choose Us

Tesfa ctge is a unique community trekking enterprise in Ethiopia run by and for local Ethiopians and adventure travelers like you. Our blend of local and international knowledge insure that your trek is the most genuine, well-managed and enjoyable experience of a life time.

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Our Offers

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Tesfa ctge offers community trekking near Lalibela Ethiopia and help you Experience the stunning landscape, therapeutic scenery visiting ancient churches, people’s way of life in rural Ethiopia. Watch gelada baboons rush down the precipice, bird watching for bird lovers & enthusiast and interacting with the local communities. Stay with local communities in clean, cozy, stylish, traditional Tukuls (huts)