Community run campsites

 Community based trekking in Norht wollo  near lalibela  Ethiopia!!! 
All campsites equipped with three bedrooms; with two beds in each. There is also a dining tukul, eco-toilets at all sites, and most have a simple shower facility.  

Add Medhanealem

Add Medhanealem perched on the edge of a massive cliff, facing stunning scenery stretching down & across hundreds of miles, it’s comparatively new campsite very close to lalibela, situated 3570meters above sea level. The community is comprised 387 households directly benefitting from the scheme. Uphill walking to this magnificent campsite is full of pleasant surprises from start of the trek to finish, as it   involves breathtaking landscape, beautiful ancient villages and meeting the warmest people on the planet. Arriving at base camp you will be welcomed by friendly cooks with hot or cold drinks and snacks.      

Agew beret campsite

Agew beret campsite has gone operational at the beginning of November 2011 Mount Abuna Josef is the third massive mountain in Ethiopia with an altitude of 4300meters; it is home for native Ethiopian wolf. This campsite is being developed by Frankfurt zoological society with TESFA technical support. It is situated at about 4000 meters above sea level, trekking to this breathtaking campsite; you may experience the perfect countryside scenery and huge chance of watching troops of gelada baboons, an Ethiopian wolf and if you are lucky a leopard & etc. . . .      

Tadios Amba campsite

Tadios Amba campsite, the trek involves undulating landscape and walking on top of massive Cliff edges, the campsite is placed in a remote village at an altitude of 3500m, and you will be surprised by 6th century striking cave church on the way from or to the next camp, the cave church is called Eme’kina Medhanealem , it believed was built by Gebere meskele ancient king of Ethiopia, it indeed worth a visit once you get there. The community is comprised about 400 households; this includes both male & female headed households.      

Genetemariam campsite

Genetemariam campsite is named after centuries old rock hewn church, genetemariam believed was built by king lalibela. The campsite is comparatively positioned lower than the others. The Community is comprised about 288 household. It is laying at an altitude of about 2600m; the trek involves climbing cliff edges and walking on top of them, of course passing through villages and farm fields too. This campsite serves as a link to the campsites laying on mekete escarpment.      





Mekuate mariam

Mekuate mariam is one of the oldest campsites of all , it is situated at an altitude of 2820m South East of lalibela .it takes about three hours of driving to get to trek starting place. The  trekking is easy ,mekuate campsite is famouse for hosting brad pitt in 2004. The community is consists of 288  house holds, Mekete escarpment is part of Ethiopian plateau, there are about seven campsites laying on the escarpment. At Mekuate Mariam you can enjoy lammergeyers, vultures, buzzard, kites, ravens and many other birds soar over the site, it boasts a ‘rock bar’ a smooth sheltered ledge that is warmed by the afternoon sun and invites guests sit with a sundown drink a watch the golden glow at the end of the day turn red as the sun sets over mount Guna.      


Wajela is the second campsite site on mekete escarpment, it is situated at about 2803m above sea level, the trek involves gentle stroll along the magnificent views, across the escarpment .what makes wajela so special, it sits on the age of a cliff surrounded by the ancient villages and the campsite faces cave complex and the old church of weketa mariam set among juniper woodland .



Aterow is the third campsite on mekete escarpment; it is situated at about 3000m above sea level. The campsite is near to seasonal water fall and some old cave churches, it is mostly a playing ground for gelada baboons. It is a perfect site to enjoy their (baboons) company. The community is consists of 88 house holds.Aterow is famous for its striking chasm stretching across the escarpment.      


Yedukulay is the fourth campsite by mekete escarpment, compared to the previous three campsites the trek to yedukulay involves undulating landscape, involving lighter descending and ascending according to which direction your trek starts, it is lower than all the campsites on the escarpment about 2600 m above sea level.yedukulay is an ancient village surrounded by high and stunning hills.      

Boya Micheal

Boya Micheal is the fifth campsite by mekete escarpment; it is situated at an altitude of 3200m above sea level, the community is comprised 380 households. The trekking to boya camp can be tough  according the direction you choose. Klipspringers and rock hyrax are boya’s favourite wildlife



Ainamba is the sixth campsite laying by mekete escarpment it is one of the magnificent campsites, which attracts a number of visitors right after it went operational. It is perched on the age of a precipice and you can enjoy Breathtaking view from your bedroom door across hundreds of miles .The community comprised 333household it is close to st.George church. The trek to ainamba can be gentle or tough depending on the direction where your trek starts.



Qirtenwasha is the seventh campsite on mekete escarpment, it is unique compared to the rest of the campsites laying on the escarpment, as it sited on in front of top gorge like river .It is the most dramatic campsite .it is brand new campsite more detailed information and picture will soon be available!!