The treks range from an amble across the country side through more rugged treks to an ascent of Abune Yoseph (4,300) ,whichever you choose it will be the highlight your life time experience.

Walk through the age -old agrarian landscape of the Ethiopian highlands. Follow rugged escarpments watching birds of pray soar in the thermals and gelada baboon scramble across the cliff face. Talk with shepherd boys keeping an eye on their flocks while fathers plough the fields and their sisters collect water in clay pots, without another tourist in sight.

The trek crisscross the basalt highlands around lalibela and the sandstone mountains around adigrat (tigrai) where local communities own and manage simple accommodation that enables you to see the ancient highland culture of northern Ethiopia.

In keeping with the surroundings, the communities provide simple but comfortable places to stay. Accommodation is constructed and furnished using local styles and materials. With quality mattresses and bedding, including warm blankets sites have three bedrooms, with two beds in each. Simple tasty food is served for breakfast and in a snug dining room. Lunch is also provided on the trail. Range of drinks. Including bottled water and alcoholic beverages, is available at a reasonable charge, enjoy a coffee ceremony chatting with local people. A drink at sunset watching the world from the cliff top is a wonderful way to end the day. All sites have eco-toilets and washing facilities.